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Joules to volts calculator

Enter energy in joules: J
Enter charge in coulombs: C
Voltage result in volts: V

Joules are a proportion of electrical energy and coulombs are a proportion of charge. These estimations can be utilized to infer the voltage utilizing this formula.

V(V) = E(J) / Q(C)

One Volt is equivalent to 1 Joule/Coulomb. There are various definitions for the Volt, however the most well-known is equivalent to 1 Joule/Coulomb. A volt is a unit of electromotive power that actions the expected distinction in electric potential between two points.If voltage, (V) rises to Joules per Coulombs (V = J/C) and Amperes (I) approaches charge (coulombs) each second (A = Q/t), then, at that point, we can characterize electrical power (P) similar to the entirety of these two amounts. This is on the grounds that electrical power can likewise rise to voltage times amperes, that is: P = V*I. Joule is the unit of work done in the event of electric flow, and coulomb is the unit of charge. Subsequently, joule/coulomb will be the unit of likely distinction as it is the work done in moving unit charge from one highlight other. Thus, 1 joule for every coulomb = 1 volt = 1 V.

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