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kW to kVA calculator

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Kw to kva power adding machine assists you with switching kw over completely to kva electrical power. To undercover kw to kva, you should realize about power factor (productivity). Here we give you straightforward technique to change electrical power kw over completely to kva. You simply have to enter the kw worth and power factor worth and snap on calculate.

The clear power S in kilovolt-amps (kVA) is equivalent to the genuine power P in kilowatts (kW), partitioned by the power factor PF:

S(kVA) =  P(kW)/PF

kW or kilowatt is a unit of electric power. It is equivalent to 1,000 Joules each second and it estimates how quick the energy is moved. That actually intends that in DC circuits, 1 kVA is equivalent to 1 kW. That implies that 1 kVA is equivalent to 1,000 watts.A proportion of evident power, kVA, or kilo-volt-amperes, peruses the total measure of force that is being utilized in a framework, like a generator. At the point when such a framework is 100 percent effective, kW, or kilowatts, are equivalent to kVA.

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