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Candela to lux calculator

Luminous force in candela (compact disc) to illuminance in lux (lx) number cruncher and how to calculate.

Candela to lux calculator

Enter the brilliant power in candela, distance from light source, select feet or meters and press the Calculate button to get the illuminance in lux:

Enter luminous intensity in candela: cd
Enter distance and select feet or meters:
Illuminance result in lux: lx

Candela to lux

It happens exorbitantly every now and again. You walk around a store, get light or a handheld spotlight and look at the specifics just to find that one says lumens, another says lux, and the last examines something about candela. Inside, you question why no one includes comparable structure for assessing these things, and guess considering various things on the rack. The short reaction is that they're all kinds of standards for assessing different sorts of lighting influences. We ought to isolate it into the long answer for disperse two or three more shadows.


We'll start with candela (plate) - moreover typically called candlepower. Candela is the base assessment for depicting sparkling power. It tells you how splendid the light source is which shows the separation away from an article you can be and remembering that really having the choice to see it. Any light source in the end ends up being unreasonably weak to see the further away you are. This isn't exactly equivalent to lumens (a hard and fast light outcome) since it's the value of light power from any point in a single bearing from the light source. Laser pointers or distinguish lights have the most raised candela rating since the greater part of their light is participated in a singular course. A clear relationship is that 1 candela is for the most part indistinguishable from the light from a single fire. If you have a light making 1 smaller circle and block part of the light, every course not blurred still conveys 1 cd. This is because a comparable power of light ought to be noticeable from any non-obscured course at a comparable distance. Again, candela is the splendid power which portrays how awe inspiring a light source is.


The Las Vegas motel right? Misguided, that is the Luxor. Lux (lx) measures illuminance, which is how much light on a surface for each unit district. A singular lux is identical to one lumen for each square meter. If the light shows its brightness as an assessment of lux, it by and large records a partition from the bulb since any change of distance or bulb type changes the lux level. For example, if you place a 100 lumen bulb in a flood light that transmits on only a solitary square meter of surface, that surface will be lit at 100 lx. In any case, expecting that you back the flood light away to radiate on four square meters, the surface is by and by lit with 25 lx.

Candela to lux calculation with distance in feet

The illuminance Ev in lux (lx) is same to 10.76391 times the brilliant power Iv in candela (disc),

divided by the square partition from the light source d2 in square feet (ft2):

Ev(lx) = 10.76391 × Iv(cd)/(d(ft))2

Candela to lux assessment with distance in meters

The illuminance Ev in lux (lx) is comparable to the shining power Iv in candela (conservative circle),

divided by the square partition from the light source d2 in square meters (m2):

Ev(lx) = Iv(cd)/(d(m))2

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