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Footcandles to lux transformation calculator

Illuminance in footcandles (fc) to lux (lx) transformation adding machine and how to convert.

Enter the illuminance in footcandles (fc) and press the Calculate button to get the illuminance in lux (lx):

Enter illuminance in footcandles: fc
Illuminance result in lux: lx

Footcandles to luxFootcandles to lux

Take a similar light emission and measure it from one meter away from the source and that will give you the lux estimation. One footcandle rises to 10.764 lux. One lux rises to 0.09 ftc.

You might utilize the Glimmer based Web-based Foot-candles/Lux Converter to change over either a perusing you have taken in Lux or Foot-candles utilizing a light meter or the responsiveness factor from a light identifier's alignment declaration in Lux or Foot-candles, to the contrary unit in Lux or foot-candles. Please note: The responsiveness factor on your alignment endorsement is communicated in (Amps)(m²)(lm-1) for Lux or (Amps)(ft²)(lm-1) for foot-candles, yet you may just pick Lux or Foot-candles in the converter.

You might enter the number to be changed over either as a decimal (for example "0.000341") or as a number in logical documentation (for example "3.41e-04"). While utilizing logical documentation, ensure you type the "e" before the example. You don't need to type the units of this number as you will choose those in sync 2.

Lux to footcandles change formula

The illuminance Ev in lux (lx) is equivalent to the illuminance Ev in footcandles (fc) separated by 0.09290304:

Ev(lx) = Ev(fc) /0.09290304 = Ev(fc) × 10.76391

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