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Radicals and Roots Calculator

Online radicals and roots calculator. Calculate the n-th root of x.

The n-th root of x is:

nx = r

Enter the root degree (n) and number (x) and press the  =  button:


Radicals and Roots Calculator

This calculator will find the given root of real numbers.If you want to find the radical numbers of any nᵗʰ degree radical, then this radical calculator is just for you.


The 4th root of 81, or 81 radical 3, is written as 4√81=±3.

The 3rd root, or cube root, of 8 is written as 3√8=2

The 3rd root of -27, or -27 radical 3, or the cube root of -27 is written as 3√−27=−3.

The 5th root of 1024, or 1024 radical 5, is written as 5√1024=4.

Radical definition

In general, the radical function is a root of a number x for which we use the radical symbol ⁿ√, with the superscript n describing the degree of the root. The radical definition is:

rⁿ = x,

and therefore:

r = x1/n,

where r is the result of the radical. So, in other words, radicalization is the opposite operation to exponentiation, for which the exponent is a fraction. To make writing the radicals easier, we use the radical notation:

r = ⁿ√x,

which means the same thing as the above equation.

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