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Tangent Calculator


* Use e for scientific notation. E.g: 5e3, 4e-8, 1.45e12

Inverse tangent calculator

tan -1

Tangent table

x tan(x)
degrees radians
-90° -π/2 not defined
-60° -π/3 -1.732050808
-45° -π/4 -1
-30° -π/6 -0.577350269
0 0
30° π/6 0.577350269
45° π/4 1
60° π/3 1.732050808
90° π/2 not defined


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Tangent Calculator

This tangent calculator will help you to find the tangent of any angle you want. Just enter the angle in degrees or radians, and the tangent will appear in no time.

Tangent function

The tangent is a trigonometric function, defined as the ratio of the length of the side opposite to the angle to the length of the adjacent side, in a right-angled triangle. It is called "tangent" since it can be represented as a line segment tangent to a circle.

In the graph above, tan(α) = a/b and tan(β) = b/a. A tangent of an angle α is also equal to the ratio between its sine and cosine, so tanα = sinα / cosα. Following from the definition, the function results in an undefined value at certain angles, like 90°, 270°, 460°, and so on.

How to calculate the tangent of an angle?

Tangent calculator accepts input in degrees or radians, so assuming the angle is known, just type it in and press "calculate". Easy as that.

If the angle is unknown, but the lengths of the opposite and adjacent side in a right-angled triangle are known, then the tangent can be calculated from these two measurements. For example, if a = 15 and b = 20, then tan(α) = 15 / 20 = 0.75.

Applications of the tangent function:-

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