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Base Calculator

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Here we discuss list of online math calculators that help us for doing calculation easily.

Base Calculator

This calculator is concerned only with changing numbers into different bases and no attempt is made to explain what these numbers are and how they work.Enter the value that you wish to calculate the base number or you can easy convert one base to another base on base converter.

The base calculator supports to add, subtract, divide, & multiply any base numeral system. It supports 36 different base numbers, including binary, decimal, octal, hex, base 16, base 20 & more. Our number base calculator concerned to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division operations.

Binary Addition:

To perform binary addition there are some rules that need to follow. Below we have listed out addition rule. If we get carried we need forward it to next digit.




1+1=0, 1 is carried forward to the next digit.

Binary Subtraction:

In the same way for subtraction we have 0-0=0


0-1=1, -1 is carried forward to the next digit.


Binary multiplication:




How to use base calculator?

Open Base calculator.

Select the type of number you need to perform operations.

Enter the two numbers and select the operator.

Click on calculate to get the result.

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