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Scientific Notation Calculator


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Scientific Notation

Convert a range of to and from scientific notation, e notation, engineering notation and actual numbers. Enter a number or a decimal number or clinical notation and the calculator converts to clinical notation, e notation and engineering notation formats.

To enter various in scientific notation use a carat ^ to indicate the powers of 10. You also can input numbers in e notation. Examples: 3.Forty five x 10^5 or three.45e5.

Scientific notation calculations

For 2 quantity x1 and x2:

x1 = a1 × 10b1

x2 = a2 × 10b2

Scientific notations addition

x1 + x2 = a1 × 10b1 + a2 × 10b2

Scientific notations subtraction

x1 - x2 = a1 × 10b1 - a2 × 10b2

Scientific notations multiplication

x1 × x2 = a1a2 × 10b1+b2

Scientific notations department

x1 / x2 = (a1/a2) × 10b1-b2

What is Scientific Notation?

Scientific notation is normally used with very large or very small numbers in packages which include physics, engineering and chemistry. It condenses the numbers into the shape into a number elevated by way of 10 raised to an exponent, denoted as a * 10ⁿ.

How to Convert a Number to Scientific Notation

The right layout for scientific notation is a x 10^b in which a is quite a number or decimal range such that the absolute value of a is more than or identical to one and less < 10. B is the electricity of 10 required so that the medical notation is mathematically equivalent to the original wide variety.

1. Move the decimal point in your variety till there may be handiest one non-zero digit to the left of the decimal point. The resulting decimal wide variety is a.

2. Count what number of places you moved the decimal factor. This variety is b.

3. If you moved the decimal to the left b is superb.

If you moved the decimal to the proper b is terrible.

If you probably did no longer need to transport the decimal b = 0.

four. Write your clinical notation range as a x 10^b and examine it as "a instances 10 to the power of b."

5. Remove trailing 0's most effective in the event that they were at the start to the left of the decimal factor.

Scientific Notation Rules

When changing a variety of into medical notation, we have to recollect a few policies. First, the decimal need to be between the first two non-0 numbers. The wide variety previous to the multiplication symbol is referred to as the extensive or mantissa. The numbers of digits in the big depends at the software and are referred to as considerable figures. The tremendous figures calculator can help in this situation. The cost of the exponent depends on whether or now not the decimal area is moved to the right or left to go back to the original quantity.

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