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Hong Kong Time Now

Hong Kong time (UTC/GMT+08:00):


Country: China
Time zone abbreviation: HKT
Time zone name: Hong Kong Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT+08:00
Observe DST: No

Hong Kong Time

Hong Kong Time is the time in Hong Kong, saw at UTC+08:00 the entire year round.The Hong Kong Observatory is the authority watch of the Hong Kong Time.

At present, Hong Kong time is characterized as UTC+08:00. The reference in segment 67(2) to the Oil (Protection and Control) Statute is really a power given to the Regulative Board of Hong Kong to change Hong Kong Time for the motivations behind moderating oil, for example to carry out sunlight saving time. Be that as it may, no sunlight saving time has been seen since 1979.

The Hong Kong Time was first set to Neighborhood Mean Time (GMT+07:36:42) on 1 January 1885 at 13:00 by the then Illustrious Observatory Hong Kong. In 1904, the Greenwich Mean Time was taken on as the reason for Hong Kong Time, the time was set at 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. The ongoing Composed Widespread Time framework was embraced as an authority time standard on 1 January 1972. Notwithstanding, the lawful Hong Kong Time actually stayed in light of Greenwich Mean Time until it was changed to General Standard Time in 1998 after the Hong Kong handover./p>


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