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Millicoulombs to coulombs

Millicoulombs to coulombs conversion calculator

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Millicoulombs to Coulombs

One thousandth the charge sent by a regular modern-day of one ampere each second. 1 Millicoulomb = 10-3 coulombs (SI base unit). 1 mC = 0.001 C. Charge despatched by means of a consistent cutting-edge of 1 ampere each 2d. Coulomb is the SI base unit of electrical charge.

To trade a millicoulomb evaluation over definitely to a coulomb evaluation, parcel the electric price by using the trade ratio.

Since one coulomb is identical to one,000 millicoulombs, you can use this direct condition to transform:

coulombs = millicoulombs ÷ 1,000

The electric rate in coulombs is comparable to the millicoulombs remoted with the aid of 1,000.

For instance, this is the method for changing north of 5,000 millicoulombs to coulombs the use of the recipe above.

5,000 mC = (5,000 ÷ 1,000) = five C

Millicoulombs and coulombs are the two gadgets used to degree electric price. Keep on analyzing to get relaxed with every unit of degree.


The millicoulomb is 1/1,000 of a coulomb, that's the electric rate akin to one ampere of movement more than one 2nd.

The millicoulomb is a exclusive of the coulomb, that's the SI brought about unit for electric rate. In the decimal norm, "milli" is the prefix for 10-three. Millicoulombs may be gotten smaller as mC; as an example, 1 millicoulomb may be created as 1 mC.


One coulomb is the electric charge similar to one ampere of circulate multiple 2nd.

The coulomb may be conveyed as QC = IA × ts

The price in coulombs is same to the continuous in amperes instances the time immediately.

The coulomb is the SI determined unit for electric powered price inside the decimal estimating general. Coulombs can be shortened as C; for instance, 1 coulomb may be made as 1 C.

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