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Electron-volts to joules conversion

Electron-volts (eV) to joules (J) conversion calculator and how to convert.

eV to joules conversion calculator

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Electron-volts to joules

The electronvolt is a unit of energy used in physics, most commonly in electrostatic particle accelerator sciences.

Electronvolts can be abbreviated as eV; for example, 1 electronvolt can be written as 1 eV.

Energy in electronvolts can be expressed using the following formula: E = qV

The energy E in electronvolts is equal to the electric charge q in elementary charge times the potential difference V in volts.

The joule is the energy equal to the force on an object of one newton at a distance of one meter. One joule is equal to the heat energy dissipated by the current of one ampere through one ohm of resistance for one second.

One joule is also equal to the energy needed to move an electric charge of one coulomb through a potential difference of one volt. In addition, one joule is also equal to the one watt-second. The joule is the SI derived unit for energy in the metric system. Joules can be abbreviated as J; for example, 1 joule can be written as 1 J.

How to convert eV to joules

One electron-volt is equal to 1.602176565⋅10-19 joules:

1eV = 1.602176565e-19 J = 1.602176565⋅10-19 J

So the energy in joules E(J) is equal to the energy in electron-volts E(eV) times 1.602176565⋅10-19:

E(J) = E(eV) × 1.602176565⋅10-19

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