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eV to MeV conversion

Electron-volts (eV) to megaelectron-volts (MeV) change mini-computer and how to convert.

eV to MeV change calculator

eV to MeV, energy change calculator.

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eV to MeV

The electronvolt is a unit of energy utilized in physical science, most usually in electrostatic atom smasher sciences.

Electronvolts can be curtailed as eV; for instance, 1 electronvolt can be composed as 1 eV.

Energy in electronvolts can be communicated utilizing the accompanying recipe: E = qV

The energy E in electronvolts is equivalent to the electric charge q in rudimentary charge times the potential distinction V in volts.

Megaelectronvolts can be shortened as MeV; for instance, 1 megaelectronvolt can be composed as 1 MeV.

How to switch eV over completely to MeV

One electron-volt is equivalent to millionth of a megaelectron-volt:

1eV = 0.000001MeV

The energy in megaelectron-volt E(MeV) is equivalent to the energy in electron-volt E(eV) separated by 1000000:

E(MeV) = E(eV)/1000000


Convert 500eV to MeV:

E(MeV) = 500eV/a million = 0.0005MeV

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