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GeV to eV conversion

Gigaelectron-volts (GeV) to electron-volts (eV) conversion calculator and how to convert.

GeV to eV conversion calculator

GeV to eV, energy conversion calculator.

Enter the energy in gigaelectron-volts and press the Convert button:

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GeV to eV

In physics, an electronvolt (symbol eV, also written electron-volt and electron volt) is the amount of kinetic energy gained by a single electron accelerating from rest through an electric potential difference of one volt in vacuum. When used as a unit of energy, the numerical value of 1 eV in joules (symbol J) is equivalent to the numerical value of the charge of an electron in coulombs (symbol C). Under the 2019 redefinition of the SI base units, this sets 1 eV equal to the exact value 1.602176634×10−19 J.

Giga-electron volts to electron volts conversion calculator calculates how many electron volts are in 'X' giga-electron volts (where 'X' is the number of giga-electron volts to convert to electron volts). In order to convert a value from giga-electron volts to electron volts (from GeV to eV) simply type the number of GeV to be converted to eV and then click on the 'convert' button.

How to convert GeV to eV

One gigaelectron-volt is equal to 109 electron-volts:

1 GeV = 109 eV

The energy in electron-volts E(eV) is equal to the energy in gigaelectron-volts E(GeV) times 1000000000:

E(eV) = E(GeV) × 109 = E(GeV) × 1000000000


Convert 5GeV to eV:

E(eV) = 5GeV × 109 = 5×109 eV

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