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Kilocalories to joules conversion

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Kilocalories to joules

One kilocalorie, is same to the heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water from 14.5 to fifteen.Five tiers Celsius.

Kilocalories can be abbreviated as kcal; as an example, 1 kilocalorie can be written as 1 kcal.

When being used to degree nutrition or metabolic processes, the big calorie is used, that's same to at least one kilocalorie.

The joule is the energy equal to the force on an object of 1 newton at a distance of one meter. One joule is identical to the warmth strength dissipated through the cutting-edge of 1 ampere via one ohm of resistance for one 2nd.

One joule is also identical to the power had to move an electric price of 1 coulomb thru a potential distinction of 1 volt. In addition, one joule is likewise equal to the one watt-2nd.

The joule is the SI derived unit for electricity inside the metric system. Joules can be abbreviated as J; as an example, 1 joule may be written as 1 J.

How to transform from kcal to joules

Thermochemical / meals kilocalories to joules

1 kcalth = 4184 J

The energy in joules E(J) is identical to 4184 times the electricity in thermochemical / meals kilocalories E(kcal):

E(J) = 4184 × E(kcal-th)


Convert zero.3 kcalth to joules.


= 4184 × 0.Three kcalth = 1255.2 J

International kilocalories to joules

1 kcalIT

= 4186.8 J

The strength in joules E(J) is identical to 4186.Eight instances the power in global kilocalories E(kcal-IT):

E(J) = 4186.8 × E(kcal-IT)


Convert zero.Three kcalIT to joules.

E(J) = 4186.Eight × zero.3kcalIT = 1256.04 J

15°C kilocalories to joules

1 kcal15 = 4185.5 J

The electricity in joules E(J) is identical to 4185.Five times the power in 15°C kilocalories E(kcal15)


E(J) = 4185.Five × E(kcal15)


Convert 0.Three kcal15

to joules.

E(J) = 4185.5 × 0.3kcal15 = 1255.Sixty five J

20°C kilocalories to joules

1 kcal20 = 4182 J

The strength in joules E(J) is equal to 4182 times the electricity in 20°C kilocalories E(kcal20):

E(J) = 4182 × E(kcal20)


Convert 0.3 kcal20 to joules.

E(J) = 4182 × 0.3kcal20 = 1254.6 J

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