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Roman numerals date converter

Dates in roman numerals conversion calculator.

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Roman numerals date

This calculator is helpful if you are designing jewelry or a tattoo with Roman numerals. You can enter number dates and translate the date into Roman numerals. A Roman numeral tattoo might also have dots, periods or dashes separating the month, day and year. Some Roman numeral tattoos have both an underline and overline connecting the string of characters.Roman Numeral Chart is shown below:

Roman Numeral Arabic Number
I 1
V 5
X 10
L 50
C 100
D 500
M 1000

Note that the highest year you can convert is 3999. That's because the number 4000 cannot be represented with typical Roman numeral characters.

How to convert number to roman numerals

How to convert decimal number to roman numerals.

Decimal number to roman numerals conversion

For decimal number x:

1. From the following table, find the highest decimal value v that is less than or equal to the decimal number x

and its corresponding roman numeral n:

2. Write the roman numeral n that you found and subtract its value v from x:

x = x - v

3. Repeat stages 1 and 2 until you get zero result of x.


x = 2012

Iteration # Decimal number (x) Highest decimal value(v) Highest roman numeral (n) Temporary result
1 2012 1000 M M
2 10121000 MMM
3 1210 XMMX
4 21 IMMXI

Answer of 2012 is MMXII


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