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dBm to mW Conversion

dBm to mW conversion calculator

Decibel-milliwatts (dBm) to milliwatts (mW), power conversion calculator.

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dBm to mW

dBm or dBmW (decibel-milliwatts) is a unit of level used to indicate that a power level is expressed in decibels (dB) with reference to one milliwatt (mW). It is used in radio, microwave and fiber-optical communication networks as a convenient measure of absolute power because of its capability to express both very large and very small values in a short form compared to dBW, which is referenced to one watt (1000 mW).

A milliwatt (mW) is one thousandth of a watt (W), or there are 1000 milliwatts in a watt. The watt is an SI derived unit of power. One watt is one joule of energy per second.

How to convert dBm to mW

The power conversion of dBm to mW is given by the formula:

P(mW) = 1mW ⋅ 10(P(dBm)/ 10)


1dBm = 1.258925mW


Convert 13dBm to milliwatts:

P(mW) = 1mW ⋅ 10(13dBm/ 10) = 19.95mW

dBm to mW conversion table

Power (dBm) Power (mW)
-40 dBm 0.0001 mW
-30 dBm 0.001 mW
-20 dBm 0.01 mW
-10 dBm 0.1 mW
0 dBm 1 mW
1 dBm 1.2589 mW
2 dBm 1.5849 mW
3 dBm 1.9953 mW
4 dBm 2.5119 mW
5 dBm 3.1628 mW
6 dBm 3.9811 mW
7 dBm 5.0119 mW
8 dBm 6.3096 mW
9 dBm 7.9433 mW
10 dBm 10 mW
20 dBm 100 mW
30 dBm 1000 mW
40 dBm 10000 mW
50 dBm 100000 mW


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