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Gigawatts to watts conversion

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  • Gigawatts to watts conversion calculator

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    Watts to GW conversion calculator ►

    Gigawatts to watts

    A gigawatt is a massive amount of energy equalling 1000 megawatts. That is enough to power a medium-sized city. To generate that much power in a day would take over 3 million solar panels.

    A unit of electrical power equal to one billion watts. These units are most commonly used in referring to the total output of a type of energy production like solar or nuclear and can also be used to measure the total energy capacity of a state or country.

    One watt is the power equal to the rate of energy of one joule per second in an electrical circuit. One watt is also equal to the power produced in a circuit with a voltage potential of one volt with a current of one amp.

    How to convert gigawatts to watts

    1GW = 109W = 1000000000 W

    1W = 10-9GW = 1/1000000000 GW

    Gigawatts to watts conversion formula

    The power in watts P(W)

    is equal to 109 times the power in gigawatts P(GW):

    P(W) = 109 × P(GW)


    Convert 3GW to watts:

    P(W) = 109 × 3GW = 3×109W = 3000000000W

    Gigawatt to watts conversion table

    Power (gigawatts) Power (watts)
    0 GW 0 W
    0.000001 GW 1000 W
    0.00001 GW 10000 W
    0.0001 GW 100000 W
    0.001 GW 1000000 W
    0.01 GW 10000000 W
    0.1 GW 100000000 W
    1 GW 1000000000 W


    Watts to GW conversion ►


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