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Kelvin to Fahrenheit conversion

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Kelvin to Fahrenheit

The kelvin (symbol: K) is the base unit of thermodynamic temperature in the International System of Units (SI). It is defined as the energy equivalent of the triple point of water as given by Boltzmann's equation. It is also the unit of the Kelvin scale in which the null point (0 K) is the temperature at which all thermal motion ceases, known as absolute zero, or -273.15°C. The definition of the kelvin was changed in 2019. This new definition results in a fundamental change in the kelvin, such that it is now dependent on the definitions of the second, the meter, and the kilogram.

The kelvin is used worldwide, particularly in science and engineering, together with the Celsius. This is partially due to the kelvin and the Celsius degree having exactly the same magnitude. Unlike the Celsius and Fahrenheit, the kelvin is not used in meteorological contexts.

The Fahrenheit (symbol: °F) is a unit of temperature that was widely used prior to metrication. It is currently defined by two fixed points: the temperature at which water freezes, 32°F, and the boiling point of water, 212°F, both at sea level and standard atmospheric pressure. The interval between the freezing and boiling point is divided into 180 equal parts.

Until the 1960's the Fahrenheit scale was the primary scale used in English-speaking countries. Today, most countries around the world use the Celsius temperature scale instead, many having made the change during their metrication processes (conversion to using the metric system of units). However, the Fahrenheit scale is still used as the official temperature scale in a number of countries, including the United States (as well as its unincorporated territories), the Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands, and a few others.

Kelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion Formula

Here is the formula to convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit:

° F = 9/5(K - 273) + 32

or you may see the equation using more significant figures as:

° F = 9/5(K - 273.15) + 32


° F = 1.8(K - 273) + 32

You can use whichever equation you prefer.

It is easy to convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit with these four steps.

1) Subtract 273.15 from your Kelvin temperature

2) Multiply this number by 1.8 (this is the decimal value of 9/5).

3) Add 32 to this number.

Your answer will be the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit

Kelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion Example

Let's try a sample problem, converting room temperature in Kelvin to degrees Fahrenheit. Room temperature is 293K.

Start with the equation (I chose the one with fewer significant figures):

° F = 9/5(K - 273) + 32

Plug in the value for Kelvin:

F = 9/5(293 - 273) + 32

Doing the math:

F = 9/5(20) + 32

F = 36 + 32

F = 68

Fahrenheit is expressed using degrees, so the answer is that room temperature is 68° F.


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