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Rankine to Kelvin conversion

Rankine (°R) to Kelvin (K) degrees conversion calculator and how to convert.

Rankine to Kelvin conversion calculator

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Rankine to Kelvins

The Rankine scale is named after Scottish physicist William John Macquorn Rankine. Comparatively to kelvin outright zero is 0 °R, identical to - 459.67 °F. Rankine involves a similar span as Fahrenheit. Kelvin is the unit of measure for temperature took on by the Worldwide Arrangement of Units. Outright zero is 0 K, identical to - 273.15 °C. Kelvin involves a similar stretch as Celsius.

Convert degrees Rankine to kelvins with this straightforward formula:

kelvins = [°R] × 5/9

Supplement the [°R] temperature estimation in the equation and afterward tackle to find the result.

For example

how about we convert 50 °R to kelvins:

50 °R = ( 50 × 5/9 ) = 27.777778 K

The Rankine scale and Kelvins are both used to gauge temperature.


The Rankine scale is a flat out temperature scale that involves outright zero as the beginning stage, similar as the Kelvin scale. The critical distinction between the Rankine scale and the Kelvin scale is that an augmentation of one degree rankine is equivalent to an addition of one degree Fahrenheit, not Celsius as in the Kelvin scale. The foundation of the Rankine scale begins at outright zero, subsequently 0 degrees rankine are equivalent to −459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rankine can be condensed as R, and are additionally some of the time abridged as Ra. For instance, 1 degree Rankine can be composed as 1 °R or 1 Ra.

Significant Temperatures In Degrees Rankine

Temperature Degrees Rankine
Absolute Zero 0 °R
Freezing Point of Water 491.67 °R
Triple Point of Water 491.688 °R
Boiling Point of Water 671.67 °R


The Kelvin scale is an outright temperature scale that involves outright zero as the beginning stage. The kelvin is characterized as far as the Boltzmann consistent, which is a proportion of the energy of movement relating to one kelvin.

All the more explicitly, one kelvin is equivalent to the difference in thermodynamic temperature that outcomes in a difference in nuclear power kT by 1.380649 × 10−23 J.

0 kelvins are equivalent to −273.15 degrees Celsius, which is the mark of outright zero.

The kelvin is the SI base unit for temperature in the decimal measuring standard. Kelvins can be condensed as K; for instance, 1 kelvin can be composed as 1 K.

The kelvin scale is unique in relation to other temperature scales in that it isn't communicated in degrees, values are communicated in kelvins. While utilizing the Kelvin scale recorded as a hard copy, the "k" is promoted, but while involving the kelvin as a unit the "k" ought to be lower-case, despite the fact that it is named for a person.

Significant Temperatures In Kelvins

Temperature Kelvins
Absolute Zero 0 K
Freezing Point of Water 273.15 K
Triple Point of Water 273.16 K
Boiling Point of Water 373.15 K


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