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Image OCR tool allows you to extract text from TIFF, GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP format images and convert it into editable text. It analyzes the text in images that you upload, and converts into text that you can easily read, save or share.

It is a free online service that converts images into editable text format. Just upload an image file or copy paste URL and our amazing tool will convert the image into text and results will appear in real-time. You can extract the text from any scanned document or image in a few seconds. Later, the extracted text can be edited, copied, pasted, and indexed.

Our tool can be used to extract editable text from scanned books and notes. Most of the readers like to read books and articles online in the digital era. It becomes a puzzle when a reader wants to save excerpt from scanned notes in form of editable text for the citation or the reference purpose. Retyping is not a real solution because it's a time taking activity. That’s why it is not considered a suitable and professional activity to follow in various organizations, schools, and offices. Students cannot retype 5 pages of assignment from images when they are already running out of time.

Image to Text Converter comes to help in these situations and save valuable time of its users. It works efficiently to convert images into plain editable text in a blink of an eye.

Image OCR is a costly tool but we offer free service and charges nothing. You do not need to worry about the registration process as well. We are ready to take care of all the complications that can come up while generating text. Rest assured, you will only experience reliable results free of cost. Do not wait…!

If you want to keep results as a temporary data or do not want to download file, copy to clipboard is a quick option to utilize the provided results. You can copy it to clipboard and can paste it in desired file or directory later.

Many users operate task on mobile phones and want to get result on spot rather than going back home and download results on desktops. We have developed image to text converter in a way so you can use it on a mobile and can fetch pictures from your phone "Gallery". You can choose picture from the preferred folder and can upload it on our tool. Rest will be handled by our tool.

Image to text is an online tool to extract text from image files at one click. It has the latest optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert photos to text accurately.

It can extract text from any image format such as:


Image to text conversion was not possible a few years back because there was no technology available. Now, picture to text conversion can be done in a few seconds using our image to text converter softwarePhoto to Text Converter, as the name give you a hint, is an online tool or program, using the help of online OCR technique we make it possible to extract text from the images.


A free online Optical Character Recognition software translates the characters in a picture into electronically designated characters. This can translate any sort of text on photo and you can use it as an image to word converter online to conveniently extract text on any image, straight from the photo itself rather than going through all the trouble of typing.

This online image to text is a handy service which enables you to upload any image file, analyze the text in it and then convert the typed, printed or handwritten text in the image into the text file that you can easily share, download or edit on your computer.

How to extract text from images?

Pulling out text from images is quite simple thanks to the accurate image to text converter online tool. You can obtain the text from any type of image.

It can convert scanned images to text, an official document, a screenshot of a web page, or any random image containing some characters. To convert an image to text using the above tool, follow the steps below:

1. Upload the image using the Upload Picture button. If you want to crop the image, you can use our crop image

image to text upload file

2. If you want to convert an image to a text file using a URL from images services such as Google Images, Pixabay, Pinterest, or Shutterstock, simply paste the URL.

image to text PASTE URL

3. Click the Submit button to convert uploaded images to text.

4. Hooray! You got it right.

You will get the text in the container where you can copy the text to the clipboard, download the text as .txt file, or save it as a document.

5. If you want to convert an image that includes text from other languages, you can choose another language from the side panel.


Image to text converter requires a few things to get a hundred percent accuracy in detecting the words. These requirements are necessary and can also be called disadvantageous in certain conditions. A photo to text converter requires your handwritten document to be clean, and if the hard copy is in bad shape, the accuracy is reduced. Despite this small limitation, a text converter can be used for the following causes:

Convert any format of an image to text

If you are wondering about which format is required to transfer images to text, then it doesn’t matter. Our free online OCR converter is made for every type of image format to text quickly. People use it if they like some parts of the text present in an image, for example, poetry, quotes, etc. to share it with their friends on some social engine.

Photo To Text converter - Increases Productivity

Copying text on photo isn’t possible, and the only option that seems to be left is to write it down manually. It is undoubtedly time-consuming, but with the help of the online image to text converter, the work of hours can be done instantly. The tool increases the productivity of your business as a lot of time would be saved and could be invested somewhere else. This technique can also help you to reduce the unnecessary costs you might be paying to workers for manually reading text from images and writing it down.

Make Searching Easy By Converting Image to Text

Searching for an image might not be as facile as searching through text. This increases the worth of this OCR Online Converter Software even more. Saving thousands of pictures in electronic devices and hoping to find the desired one in a blink of an eye seems impossible. As you might not remember the location where you stored the image. But if you already have the text version of that file through OCR converter, you can get hands-on the desired data within seconds.