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A pie chart is a type of data visualization that showcases different pieces of a whole. These are best used to represent percentages as these add up to a full one hundred percent. Pie charts are divided up into differently sized pieces that are used to represent the amounts of each percentage.

A pie chart is a circular chart that shows how data sets relate to one another. Each section’s arc length is proportional to the quantity it represents, usually resulting in a shape similar to a slice of pie. A pie chart is an excellent chart to choose when displaying data that has stark contrasts.

How to make a pie chart.

Start with the data.

Get started with the “Content” tab. Enter in your chart title and data, including the item and value. Pie chart maker displays exact data points on your chart so your audience can make a note of the actual values.

Customize your pie chart.

Next, choose the “Design” tab to play with color options for your chart. A selection of themes is available for you, so find the one that best suits your needs. Also, feel free to play around with the other chart types, such as line, donut, or bar charts, if any of those options serve your data better.

Download and share.

Once you’ve double-checked all your information, you’ll be ready to share your chart. Download an image file that you can email to your peers or upload to your presentations. Save your design in case you need to revisit it later with updated data.

Features of the Pie Chart Maker

Color code your pie pieces, add a legend, label your chart and more with online pie chart easy-to-use pie chart generator. Take advantage of data visualization tools and other features to make your design process easier than ever.

Beautiful pie chart templates

online pie chart offers dozens of premade pie chart templates to choose from to jumpstart your design. Find a template that is similar to your data set or preferred color scheme, click to edit, then input your data to watch your pie chart come to life.

Build your pie chart

Create online pie charts quickly and easily by inputting data manually into the Graph Engine or importing an existing Excel or Google spreadsheet. Watch the Graph Engine transform your pie chart according to your data, and easily build your legend and labels within the settings.

Customize every aspect of your pie chart to visualize your data

The pie chart builder has plenty of settings to customize how the values are shown – as decimals or percentages. Choose from hundreds of fonts inside the Settings tab. The pie chart maker will not only let you customize a pie chart with your data, fonts, colors, labels and backgrounds, it also offers various animation effects for added visual impact.

More Great Features of the Pie Chart Maker

1. Fully customizable premade circle graph templates to choose from.

2. Millions of stock photos and vector icons to spice up your design.

3. Add in your own branded fonts and colors to make it your own.

4. Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind.

5. Create a flat or 3D pie chart, or a full or donut pie chart.

6. Download as an image file or add to an existing project.

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