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Volts to millivolts conversion

Volts (V) to millivolts (mV) conversion - calculator and how to convert.

Volts to millivolts conversion calculator

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Volts to Millivolts

A Volt is a unit of Voltage inside the decimal widespread. It has the picture V. A Volt has 1,000 Millivolts. A Millivolt is a unit of Voltage in the decimal wellknown. It has the picture mV. A Millivolt has 0.001 Volts.

To alternate a volt estimation over completely to a millivolt estimation, reproduction the voltage by means of the transformation ratio.

Since one volt is equivalent to one,000 millivolts, you can utilize this sincere recipe to convert:

millivolts = volts × 1,000

The voltage in millivolts is equal to the volts duplicated by means of 1,000.

For example

This is the manner to trade five volts over completely to millivolts utilizing the equation above.

five V = (five × 1,000) = five,000 mV

The wide variety of Millivolts that are in a Volt?

There are 1,000 millivolts in a volt, that is the motive we utilize this well worth inside the equation above.

1 V = 1,000 mV

Volts and millivolts are the two gadgets used to gauge voltage.


Voltage is an estimation of electromotive strength and the electrical expected assessment among two marks of a transmitter. One volt is equivalent to the ability comparison that could circulate one ampere of modern towards one ohm of resistance.

The volt is the SI decided unit for voltage within the decimal general for measuring. Volts can be shortened as V; for example, 1 volt may be composed as 1 V.

Ohm's Regulation expresses the continued between two focuses on a manual is similar to the voltage and contrarily relative to the opposition. Utilizing Ohm's Regulation, it's viable to communicate the feasible assessment in volts as an articulation making use of contemporary and resistance.

VV = IA × Rω

The feasible comparison in volts is equivalent to the continuing in amperes times the obstruction in ohms.


One millivolt is equivalent to 1/1,000 of a volt, which is the capacity comparison that would move one ampere of present day in opposition to one ohm of resistance.

The millivolt is a distinct of the volt, that's the SI inferred unit for voltage. In the decimal measuring wellknown, "milli" is the prefix for 10-3. Millivolts may be abridged as mV; as an instance, 1 millivolt may be composed as 1 mV.

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