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CharacterAI Metadata

Image Generation
  • Pygmalion · Character Name

    The character's name

  • Text Generation · Bot's name
  • TavernAI · Used but uneditable
  • KoboldAI · Name
  • CharacterAI · Name

    This will be the name your Character uses in chat

Name is required by all formats
  • Pygmalion · Not used
  • Text Generation · Not used
  • TavernAI · Personality summary

    A brief description of the personality

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Short Description

    In just a few words, how would your Character describe themselves?

  • Pygmalion · Character Persona

    Describe the character's persona here. Think of this as CharacterAI's description + definitions in one box.

  • Text Generation · Context (Persona)
  • TavernAI · Description

    Description of personality and other characteristics

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Long Description

    In a few sentences, how would your Character describe themselves?

  • Pygmalion · Scenario

    Optionally, describe the starting scenario in a few short sentences.

  • Text Generation · Context (Scenario)
  • TavernAI · Scenario

    Circumstances and context of the dialogue

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Not used
  • Pygmalion · Character Greeting

    Write the character's greeting here. They will say this verbatim as their first response.

  • Text Generation · Used but uneditable
  • TavernAI · First message

    First message from the character

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Greeting

    What would your Character say to start a conversation?

  • Pygmalion · Example Chat

    Optionally, write in an example chat here. This is useful for showing how the character should behave, for example.

  • Text Generation · Used but uneditable
  • TavernAI · Examples of dialogue

    Forms a personality more clearly

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Definition

    Example conversations and information to define your Character

Export as Image

Compatible with Text Generation / TavernAI

Character Cards are PNG images with embedded JSON

Export as JSON

Having problems with the Hybrid JSON?
Download Text Generation JSON
Download as AI JSON
There is currently a bug in AI which stops it from importing all data from JSON files! You are strongly encouraged to import your character as a Character Card image to avoid the issue

The creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, and the gaming and entertainment sectors are no exception. One of the groundbreaking programs of AI in these fields is the AI Character Editor, a technology that permits builders and architects to create, customize, and animate virtual characters with exceptional ease and versatility. This innovation permits the generation of reasonable, dynamic, and emotionally attractive characters that decorate the overall user revel in. In this text, we can discover the concept, capabilities, advantages, and capability challenges of AI Character Editors, dropping mild at the thrilling trends inside the virtual worlds they convey.

The AI Character Editor is a complicated software program device that leverages AI algorithms to facilitate the introduction and manipulation of virtual characters. It empowers developers and content creators to design and animate characters using advanced strategies like neural networks, gadget learning, and laptop vision. These algorithms examine from sizeable datasets of real-international human moves, facial expressions, and body language, allowing characters to imitate human-like behaviors convincingly.

Features of AI Character Editors

Customization: AI Character Editors allow users to customise various factors of virtual characters, such as appearance, frame form, apparel, add-ons, and extra. This degree of personalization allows the creation of unique and numerous characters, promoting inclusivity and illustration.

Emotion Mapping: The AI Character Editor can interpret feelings from audio or textual inputs and map them onto the virtual characters. This functionality enriches storytelling in games, movies, and interactive stories, as characters can express emotions naturally and responsively.

Real-time Animation: By integrating AI with motion capture technologies, AI Character Editors allow real-time animation. Characters can mirror the actions of actors or customers, offering a extra immersive and interactive enjoy.

Procedural Generation: With the help of AI, developers can generate large quantities of numerous characters procedurally. This not simplest saves time and effort however also facilitates the advent of colourful and energetic virtual worlds.

Learning and Adaptation: Some AI Character Editors possess learning abilties, that means characters can enhance and adapt their behaviors based on interactions and user comments. This dynamic detail provides depth to character improvement and interplay.

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