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Hawaii time (UTC/GMT-10:00):


Country: USA
Time zone abbreviation: HAST
Time zone name: Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT-10:00
Observe DST: No

Hawaii Time

Hawaii is in theHawaii-Aleutian Time Zone in the United States, which is 10 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT-10 ).

The Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone observes Hawaii–Aleutian Standard Time (HST), by subtracting ten hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC−10:00). The clock time in this zone is based on the mean solar time of the 150th meridian west of the Greenwich Observatory.

The zone takes its name from the two areas it includes: Hawaii and the portion of Alaska's Aleutian Islands west of 169° 30′ W longitude.

During daylight saving time (DST), the Alaskan portion observes Hawaii–Aleutian Daylight Time (HDT, UTC−09:00), while Hawaii stays on standard time.

From 1900 until 1947, UTC−10:30 was used as standard time in Hawaii.

French Polynesia uses UTC−10:00 for its major cities. The Cook Islands also use the same time. These areas do not use DST. "Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone" is a U.S. term and for that reason the Polynesian areas are not considered to be a part of the Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone.

The largest city in the Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone is Honolulu; the Honolulu Metropolitan Area is the largest metropolitan area in the zone.


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