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A while back I needed to count the amount of letters that a piece of text in an email template had (to avoid passing any character limits). Unfortunately, I could not think of a quick way to do so on my macbook and I therefore turned to the Internet.

There were a couple of tools out there, but none of them met my standards and since I am a web designer I thought: why not do it myself and help others along the way? And... here is the result, hope it helps out!

Character Count Online is a free online character and word counting tool. All results are immediately shown and it is ridiculously easy to use and of course, the service is completely free.

You can copy and paste your text with the characters to count in the text area above, or you can type your characters and words into the text area. The counter will be updated instantly, displaying the amount of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and whitespace in your text, not to mention that the keyword density (which you can configure from the options menu) is also displayed.

Character Count Online works on absolutely any device. No matter if you have a mobile phone, computer, console or tablet the counter will work perfectly!

Although some think that character count is the total number of letters in a text, it is the total count of all characters, including spaces. It is mostly needed when a text or a document must stay within certain numbers of characters. Additionally, some translators use character count without spaces to determine the price of a translation job.

What Is Character Counter ?

Character Counter is a 100% free online character count calculator that's simple to use. Sometimes users prefer simplicity over all of the detailed writing information Word Counter provides, and this is exactly what this tool offers. It displays character count and word count which is often the only information a person needs to know about their writing. Best of all, you receive the needed information at a lightning fast speed.

What Is the Difference Between Word Count and Character Count?

Word count is the number of words in a text, while the character count is the number of all characters in a text. If you want to learn how many characters in a text, you need to count all the characters, including special characters.

How Can You Count Characters?

To find out the number of characters in the text, you can open your document with Word or LibreOffice. Alternatively, you can use an online tool like the Character Counter to count the number of characters in a document.

Does Character Count Include Spaces?

Yes. Character count without spaces is another metric that is completely different from the character count.

How Can I Check My Character Count Online?

With the Character Calculator, you can check character count online easily and for free.

What Is the Character Calculator?

Character Counter is an online character count calculator tool, which is simple and free to use. It is especially useful for services like Twitter and Reddit.

How Do You Use the Character Calculator?

Type in or copy and paste your text to the input above. Then, the Character Calculator will show you the character count, with or without spaces, as well as the word count.

How Do I Do a Character Count in Word for Mac?

Within the "Review" tab, click to "Word Count" icon, next to "Spelling & Grammar". You'll see statistics for both Characters (no spaces) and Characters (with spaces).

How Many Characters Are in a Text Message?

For a single SMS, the character limit is 160 characters.

How Many Characters in a Tweet?

The original character length used to be 140 characters for a tweet as Twitter began its operations as an SMS based service. In 2021, the answer to the question of how many characters in a tweet is 280.

What's the Maximum Number of Characters for Each Social Network?

Here are the maximum number of characters for each social network:

Facebook: 63206 for a post

Instagram: 2200 for a caption

Twitter: 280 for a tweet

YouTube: 70 for a video title, 5000 for a video description

Twitch: 150 for a bio

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