CSS border-left-style Property

The border-left-style property sets the style of an element's left border.

The border-left-style property is used to specify the line style of the left border of an element (solid, double, dashed, etc.), unless there is a border image set.

border-left-style: none| hidden| dotted| dashed| solid| double |
groove| ridge| inset| outset| initial| inherit;

It is defined as a single keyword that is selected from those available for the border-style property. This property is used to set the style of all four sides of an element, but border-left-style sets a style only for the left border.

The left border's default width is medium. It can be changed either with the border-left-width or border-width property.

Not all browsers render the styles in the same way. For example, Chrome renders the dots as rectangular dots, not circular ones.

Example -