CSS column-fill Property

Using this property, you can control whether columns should be balanced, or not.

If the columns are not set to be balanced, they are filled sequentially; some columns may end up partially filled, or with no content at all. If they are balanced, the browser (or any other use agent) will do its best so that their heights are as close to equal as possible. It should try to minimize variations in column height, while honoring forced breaks, widows and orphans, and other properties that may affect column heights.

The column-fill property in CSS is used to specify whether the columns will be filled in a balanced manner or not.

CSS Syntax

column-fill: balance|auto|initial|inherit;
Property Values:
  • balance: This is the default value for the property. This value fills each column with the same amount of content, but will not allow the columns to be taller than the height.
  • auto: This value fills each column until it reaches the height
  • initial:This value is used to set the column-fill property to its default value.
  • inherit: This value is used to inherits the column-fill property from its parent.

Example -