CSS list-style Property

The list-style property in CSS is used to set the list style. This property is a combination of three other properties list-style-type, list-style-position, and list-style-image as can be used as a shorthand notation for these three properties.

The CSS list-style property defines the appearance, position, and image for list item elements. It is a shorthand property for setting the list-style-type, list-style-position, and list-style-image CSS properties.

CSS Syntax

list-style: list-style-type list-style-position list-style-image|initial|inherit;
Property values:
  • list-style-type:This value sets the marker (such as a disc, character, or custom counter style) of a list item element.It’s default value is disc.
  • list-style-position:This value sets the position of the marker relative to a list item.It’s default value is “outside”.
  • list-style-image:This value sets an image to be used as the list item marker. It’s default value is “none”.

Supported Browsers:

  • Firefox: 52.0, 2.0 -moz-
  • Google Chrome: 50.0, 4.0 -webkit-
  • Internet Explorer: 10.0
  • Safari: 9.0, 3.1 -webkit-
  • Opera: 37.0, 15.0 -webkit-, 11.1

Example -