CSS text-align-last Property

The text-align-last property in CSS is used to set the last line of the paragraph just before the line break. The line break may be due to the natural ending of a paragraph, or it may be due to the use of <br> tag. The text-align-last property sets the alignment of all the last lines occurring in the element in which the text-align-last property is applied. For example, if the text-align-last property is applied to the <p> element then, all the last lines of the <p> element will be affected by the text-align-last property.

The text-align-last property is useful in this respect. It specifies how either the last line of a block or the line right before a forced line break will be aligned. This is important because the last line in a paragraph generally doesn’t have enough text to fill up the entire space. You may or may not notice the changes but it will improve the overall look of your website.

CSS Syntax

text-align-last: auto|left|right|center|justify|start|end|initial|inherit;

Example -