A HTML Dom parser written in PHP5.X versions. Dom Parser is very good at dealing with XML as well as HTML. Dom parser travels based on tree based and before access the data, it will load the data into dom object and it will update the data to the web browser. Below Example shows how to get access to the HTML data in web browser.The built-in DOM parser makes it possible to process XML documents in PHP.

SimpleXML allows you to quickly and easily work with XML documents, and in the majority of cases SimpleXML is sufficient. But if you’re working with XML in any serious capacity, you’ll eventually need a feature that isn’t supported by SimpleXML, and that’s where the PHP DOM (Document Object Model) comes in.

Example -

PHP DOM is an implementation of the W3C DOM standard and it adheres more to the object model than does SimpleXML. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but if you’re willing to learn then you’ll find that this library for accessing and manipulating XML documents provides a great deal of control over working XML documents in PHP. This is because DOM differentiates between the various constituents of an XML document, such as different node types.

To explore some of the basic functionality associated with PHP DOM, let’s create a class which is able to add and remove books in library and query the catalog. It should offer the following functionality:

  • Query for a book found by its ISBN
  • Add a book to the library
  • Remove a book from the library
  • Find all books of a specific genre